Why us

We’re great at matchmaking companies and creators because we’re the kind of really weird people that somehow ended up on both sides. Together, Peter and Paul bring to the table over 30 years of experience creating content, founding and working for companies large and small, and leading production teams.

Peter Hollens is not just a prolific creator, but uniquely understands the needs of companies fueling the creator economy and working with creators, having created extensive creator education and serving as an advisor to many creator-first companies, including Patreon.


The Team

About Peter Hollens


Peter Hollens is a prolific creator, entrepreneur and educator obsessed with helping creatives. With over 7 million subscribers, billions of video views and a proven track record in entertaining audiences of all ages with family-friendly content, he is widely recognized as an expert in the online content creation industry.

He has dedicated himself to teaching others through his Creator Education platform, helping creators get paid through Legendary Vocals, and advising top creator-focused companies like Patreon. Peter is a go-to creator consultant in the creator economy and loves nothing more than helping companies and creators succeed. In-House Creators was established to do both of those at the same time.

Unlock your company's full potential by collaborating with in-house creators.