Yes, you can have it all.

Live the life of a full time creator and earn a stable income. Sounds impossible? Not when you become an InHouse Creator.

What's in it for you?

Earn a stable income to fuel your future creator journey and avoid creator burnout by changing things up.

Diversify your income doing what you love.

Let's face it - outside of sponsorships and long form video monetization, it's increasingly difficult to cover the bills as a creator. Supporting a business with your skills helps you hone your production and strategy skills, and gives you the capital to further advance your personal business.

Get an inside look into the creator economy.

By being on the other side of the pond, you develop a much better understanding of the creator economy and its dynamics. This will help you avoid burnout and become a better creator by being more strategic about your next moves.

Unlock immediate access to educational resources

To advance your creator business, you get immediate access to $1000+ worth of educational resources taught at Division I universities when you apply.

How it works

We've made this quick and painless – promise 🤞

  • Step 1: Tell us about yourself

    We want to learn about you and your creative talents! Our team of in-house creators will then take the information you provide and review your work online to find the best business for you.

  • Step 2: Connect with Businesses

    We'll connect you with businesses that match your skillset and interest, and help educate both you and the business on how to work together effectively.

  • Step 3: Get Onboarded

    We'll guide you through the onboarding process and provide you with the information, resources, and support you need to start creating amazing content right away.

  • Step 4: Join the Team

    We'll work with the business to integrate you into their team, collaborating with you to leverage your unique skills and expertise. Whether it's as a content creator, consultant, or advisor, we'll help you make the most of your experience working within and alongside the company.

We've got this.

We’re great at matchmaking companies and creators because we’re the kind of really weird people that somehow ended up on both sides. Together, Peter and Paul bring to the table over 30 years of experience creating content, founding and working for companies large and small, and leading production teams.

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is not just a prolific creator, but uniquely understands the needs of companies fueling the creator economy and working with creators, having created extensive creator education and serving as an advisor to many creator-first companies, including Patreon.

Paul Bakaus

Paul Bakaus is not just a prolific producer, entrepreneur and developer, but uniquely understands the needs of creators from hundreds of conversations as former Head of Creator Relations at Google and has “walked the walk” and personally created content in many flavors: long form video, blog posts, live events, interactive presentations and more

Jack ConteCeo of Patreon

Peter flies a million miles a minute and is one of the earliest adopters I’ve ever known. He is constantly searching, constantly trying, constantly changing and adapting. He has the gut instincts and impulses to grow and develop and be out front. Folks like Peter just MAKE iT HAPPEN!.

Rob GabelChief Strategy Officer, Spotter

Peter has been enormously helpful advising us with product, strategy and execution in the constantly evolving landscape of social video. With a deep background as advisor/investor in startups intersecting technology and media, Peter has a depth of breath of knowledge and can help shape a digital strategy

Joseph AlbaneseCEO of Stir

Peter has been the best dollar-for-dollar investor on our cap table. His impact has far outweighed our expectations with the intros he makes, feedback he brings and the true founder aligned support on the journey, He’s always hustling for us (and more broadly all of his portfolio companies) when it comes to building hype/excitement with customers, investors and the generar creator community

Sam YamCo-Founder of Patreon

Peter is relentless in never settling for just what is given to him, rather Peter works non-stop to earn every last outcome afforded to him. He is ridiculously savvy and sharp at understanding communities and will be frank and genuine with you concerning business deals – which he’s had extensive experience navigating through

Chris CrawfordFounder Loudr (acquired by Spotify)

You can’t tell Peter something can’t be done unless you want to see him figure out a way to do it very loudly. Gives Taylor Swift a run for her money when it comes to combing talent with entrepreneurial instincts.

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